Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 40 & Day 0: DUE DATE 3/23

I cannot believe I am finally writing the post about my delivery experience.  This is the last post to write on my blog, so here you go. 

A Couple of Days Before 3/23

I was still feeling good several days before Saturday.  I did have cramps here and there but nothing major.  I even went to get a pedi with my mom on Friday and we went out to have dinner that night.
I did take a long walk, ate a lot of pinapples, etc

A bad snow storm was heading to Cincinnati on Sunday, so we were very worried.  Our house is about 40 min away from the hospital, so we had a Plan B to stay in a hotel close by if nothing happened on Saturday.


3:30 am - I woke up to go to pee.  I felt cramps afterwords, but I went back to bed and fell asleep. 

6:00 am - I woke up again and went to bathroom.  There I saw some blood and I immediately thought it could be "blood show".  My heart was pounding and I told DH that I am going to take a shower just in case.  After I took a shower, I started having light cramps (feels like period cramps), so I decided to time how frequently it was coming by using a free app called "Full Term". 

8:00 am - 9:00 am - Cramp were coming in 7-8 min apart, but I still wasn't sure if they were contractions.  I called my OB and he told me to go to the hospital if I would like, so we got ready and left.  I didn't eat any breakfast because I was told in a birthing class, try not to eat too much before labor.  I grabbed a banana and snack bar hoping to nibble when I get to the hospital.   

11:00 am -  2:00 pm - We checked in @ Triage.  I didn't know what a triage was for, but I learned that women are monitored to see if they might go into a labor.  I asked the nurse if I can eat something small.  She said the only thing I can eat at this point is ice chips.  I couldn't even drink a juice at this point!! 

I was only 2 cm dilated, so a nurse told me to walk around a little bit.  At this point, I was getting more uncomfortable cramps.  We came back from 30 min walk and I was 3 cm dilated.  I was told that I had to be dilated at least 4 cm in order to stay.  There was NO WAY I wanted to be checked out and go home at that point.  Suddenly, I felt a release of water.  It was strange feeling, so I told the nurse "My water might have been broken".  Yes, it was indeed, so things changed quickly.   

2:00 pm - I was moved to a labor room.  The nurse in the room was so nice and cheerful, and she hooked me up with an IV.  My DH brought a relaxation CD, so we were listening while waiting for contractions to get stronger.

3:00 pm - My contractions were getting stronger and stronger.  It came in 3 min apart and my mom and DH could tell when they were coming from looking at the monitor in the room.  I was given a permission to start an epi at this point, but the nurse said "Hold until as long as you can if possible because an epi can delay the labor process".  I used a bouncing ball to ease the pain and DH was helping me with breathing techniques, but I could only tolerate the pain 45 min more.  It was so painful that I started crying, so I asked if I can get an epi.

4:30 pm -  An anesthesiologist came into the room and started setting up the epi.  It didn't take too long and it wasn't a bad experience.  My legs started feeling numb and I didn't feel my contractions afterwords.  I was smilling and chatting with DH & mom.  Wow, what a difference an epi makes!  However, I started feeling cramps on my right side after a while, so the nurse tried to make me sleep on other side, but it didn't fix.  I was still feeing my contraction, so an anesthesiologist came back and increased the dose and adjusted.  I felt good again. 

7:30 pm - My labor process stolled.  I was only 6 cm dilated at this point, so I was told that they would start small dose of Pitocin.  I read about Pitocin, so I didn't like the idea of having an induction, but I wanted to listen to my doctor's recommendation. 

8:30 pm - Pitocin worked!  I was 8 cm dilated.  I was getting exhausted little.  I haven't eaten anything and I wanted to eat something, but I couldn't. 

9:30 pm - The nurse said "Ok, it's about time.  Let's get ready to start pushing because you are finally at 10 cm dilated."  A reality hit me and DH at this point.  We told my mom to stay outside with DH's parents.  "OGM, this is it!!!!!!"  My legs were so numb and I had no idea how I was going to know if I am pushing.  I pushed for 30 min as I followed what the nurse told me to do.  I was out of breath and so exhausted.  I had NO IDEA how exhausting pushing can be, but I kept pushing somehow. 

The nurse called my OB, so he came in.  My OB said "Well, she is almost there and I see her head."  I pushed a couple of more and saw an black object coming out in the mirror.  It was the baby's head and she has a lot of hair!!!!!!! 

10:22 pm - HALEY SAKURA was born @ 10:22 pm, weighed 7 pounds & 1 oz and 19.5 inches long.  Sakura means "Cherry Bloosom" in Japanese.  I heard her crying as she was born and they put her on my chest right away.  I cried, but my first impression was "Who is this???"  I couldn't believe it was my little girl and for some reason, my mind denied what was happening.   She had a lot of black hair like me, but she didn't look like me or my DH.  I don't know why, but I was confused and the reality didn't hit me right away.  I had so much connection with her during my pregnancy and envisioned to have the highest moment when I hold her for the first time, so I was really taken back by how I couldn't establish a connection with her right away.  Maybe, it was because I was looking forward to this day so much, however my mind couldn't process it right.        

I had a second degree tear and it was after midnight by the time we could call our parents into the room.  We were all exhausted, but it was such an emotional moment.  My mom was crying and DH's parents were over the moon to meet the baby.  We finally revealed her name and they loved it.                             

It's unbelievable that she was born on my original due date.  I know she has been an amazing baby since I got pregnant, but this was a icing on the cake. 

Like I mentioned in the beginning, this is my last post on this blog.  I am so glad that I had this blog to express my true feeling and document my experiences during one of the toughest time of my life.  I no longer feel like I am walking on the winding road of IF and this chapter of my life has closed. 

I have never blogged before this one, but I am actually thinking to start another new blog with an appropriate blog title about post birth experiences as I went through a lot of events since she was born and I love to keep a journal to remember each experiences. 

Oh by the way, as the time went by, my mind started working normal and I am so in love with my daughter Haley.  In fact, I cannot stop looking at her sweet face and smelling her baby scent.  She is just perfect and I cannot wait to spend many more years with her. 

Haley Sakura!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 39 & 3 Days: Almost to the Finish Line

4 days till my due date of March 23rd (Saturday).....OMG!!
It felt forever at some point, but it indeed went so fast.  I cannot believe that a count down has began.

OB Appointment

Everything looks great and there was a progress!!  I was a finger tip dilated last week, but it's 2cm now.  I know it doesn't really mean too much since a progress can stall anytime, but according to my OB, the baby will probably be born this weekend or earlier!!  He told me that 4% women have their babies on their original due date.  He asked me to give them a call if I have labor symptoms like water breaking, contraction b/w 3-5 min apart, bleeding, etc.  If I didn't have any of those, my next appointment would be next week.   


I am still feeling ok, but I feel a lot of pressure down low.  I noticed the my discharge has increased.  My baby is moving tons.  I read somewhere that baby movement can decrease as the time gets closer, but I am not sure if it's true for everyone.  My mom said I was moving tons even after her water broke.  I read somewhere if I excercise tons, eat pinapple and spicy food, have sex, etc, I can naturally induce the labor.  I have no clue if they are true of not, but I might give it try around this Thursday or so except having a sex!  My baby is so down low and my OB can feel her head when he does a cervix check, so there is no way I want to have a sex now!


My DH and I had a little fight over the weekend and it temporary pushed me away from "the happiest person in the world" mood, but I think I've recovered from it.  I am back on having a good spirit about everything. 

A new feeling developed yesterday though. I went to my last prenatal yoga class last night.  I can still go next week if I didn't have a baby, but it's like 40 minutes drive from home.  I love the instructor, Kate, so I wanted to keep going to the same studio as long as I could, but I decided that it was the last class. 

On the way home from the class, it suddenly hit me that I am so close to the finish line.  My pregnancy journey is almost till the end.  I have a whole another life with the baby after she is born and I am so thrilled to share her with my DH, family & friends, but I am going to really miss the special and intimate bond I've shared with her.  I did spend every moment with her for almost 10 months.  Feeling her movement, hearing her HB, seeing her U/S pictures and a growing belly were beyond amazing experiences for me.  I was the only person who knew when she was moving every time, so I felt like it was a little secret just between us.    


Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 38 & Day 6: Only 8 Days To Go!

"One 8 Days To Go!"  That's my pregnancy ticker was showing when I logged into TB today.  That's right, my due date is next weekend!!!!  I have so many updates.

OB Appointment
NST -   It was another success one!  She was a bit sleepy when I got hooked up, but she eventually started moving, so my OB said she is an A+ baby :)
Effaced - Still around 80%
Dilation - Fingertip dilated, so looks like I am tiny bit dilated.
Station - -1 station.  This was new to me, so I looked up what it means.  Station is how far the baby is away from my cervix, so looks like my baby's head is 1 cm away from my cervix.  My OB said, the baby is dropped quite low and he can feel her head (eeeeks!!)   

Mom is here!!!  She came all the way from far away land of Japan and I am so happy that I didn't go into a labor earlier because I wanted to spend some time with my mom catching up.  She is staying for about 2 months, so she will be a big help.  However, my DH and I had to sit down and talk about this.  I learned that many men feel a bit out of loop when in-law is helping with a newborn, so we made sure to openly talk if my mom gets on our way.  My DH will be the only person during the labor and everyone will be outside to wait until the baby is born. 

I am little bit concern about our 3 fluffy daughters...  My dog is very spoiled and attention freak, so I hope she does not get jealous of the new baby.  I've looked into tips on how to prepare for my pets.  We have baby stuff everywhere in the house and I let my dog smell the diapers, but she was so indifferent!  I am also worried about cats because I heard they love the smell of milk. They can jump really high, so the last thing I want to discover is that cats are snuggling with the baby in bassinet or crib!!!

I also took my pup to a grooming salon today. (She goes to the Petsmart grooming salon more frequently than I go to a salon lately!)  She is clearn, so she is ready to meet her new sister :)

Got haircut and shampoo for my sis!

Baby Showers from DH's Work   
This was unexpected and was so sweet of girls at his office to throw us a shower!!!  We had a lunchen and they gave us great baby gifts!  2 years subscription of Parent magazine, Video monitor from my registry and tons of cute outfits and rockstar (Ed Harley) onesies!!!   

Prenatal Massage
My in-law gave me a gift card for a massage at a spa called "Becoming Mom" which specializes prenatal massages.  I wanted to go after I am full term as a treat, so I booked an appointment on Saturday afternoon.  O.M.G.  I had the best massage experience!!!!  I told the masseuse about my sciatic & back pain and her technique and pressure level was heavenly.  I usually don't talk during a massage, but since she knew so much about becoming mom, we kept talking the entire time!  It was really great, so I am going back to her postpartum massage for sure.

I am still doing great.  I had a lot of cramps and problems walking normal last Friday, so I thought that was it that I was in labor, but nope, I was wrong.  My discomfort went away after I slept well that night.  I was curious how my mental state would be the week before my due date, but I am as happy as I can be.  At this point, I am not scared of anything in terms of epi, c-section, labor pain, etc.  I feel ready to welcome my daughter, but DH and I are swamped at work, so we won't mind if she arrives around our due date!  I just feel so much excitement from ppl around us and I cannot keep my thoughts away from my little girl who is still moving quite bit.  Let the countdown begin for the big day!!!!!!       

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 37 & 6 Days: Full Term!

I am soooo happy that I reached this milestone.  Full term is considered 37 weeks because that's when the fetus's lungs are supposely fully developed and that's the last organ to develope.  At the same time, I am paying attention to any signs of labor because technically, I can go into a labor anytime!!!  On the 3rd tri check-in, I am the 3rd top one from the list in terms of the due date, eeeeeekkks!!!

OB Appointment

Now, I have a weekly appointment.  I really like that becuase it gives me peace of mind and I can get to hear my baby's HB for 20 min for NST!  My OB did a quick cervix check and he said "You are effaced about 80%, but 0% dialated.  This is great".  I didn't know exactly what he meant, so I did research about this, but there is no real conclusion because many women can be effaced or dialated a couple of weeks before giving birth and looks like everyone is different.  I did learn that my body is definately getting ready for the big day and effacement at this point can mean a smooth delivery.  Also, when this is the first baby, cervix will probably efface before it dilates.  For some reasons, I have a feeling I might go into a labor before my due date, but let's see if my prediction is true.....  

I forgot to ask him about the result from Group B Strep test.  I am assuming I am ok becuase they haven't mentioned anything about it.  My blood pressure was higher than normal at last appointment, but looks like it's back to normal, so I am glad!  I am not completey out of woods yet.  I still have concerns and anxiety about PreE, Still birth, etc.  I am still praying for everything to go well until I see my healthy baby.        

Baby Stuff

We got big baby items assembled and successfully (?) installed the baby car seat!  As for installing the car seat, we followed the instruction, but we aren't sure if it's correct as the base still moves.  At the birthing class, we were told to contact a fire department because they will correctly install a car seat for us, so we are going to do that this weekend.    

I love this Pack'N Go from BRU!  It was on sale and it's teddy bear!!  We will have this in our living room so that we don't have to go upstairs to change diapers, etc.  It took a while to assemble, so it's not as "Pack'N Go" as I thought!

I was told that having a bouncer is nice because it's very portable and you can carry it around with the baby.  If I am taking a shower, I can put my baby in there, so she will be under my supervision all the time.

Our house has many baby stuff now, so it feels so real that we are welcoming LO soon to this house! 
Graco's Travel Stroller
Pack'N Play for downstairs
 Freezer Food:

I LOVE cooking.  To me, cooking is so much fun and gives me such a Zen moment, so I was actually looking forward to this task!  I love buying fresh products and I enjoyed making 4 frozen dishes for post baby arrival.  I made "Cheesy Casserole", "Greek Lasagne", "Chicken Lemon" & "Creamy Tortellini"
They are all new recipes, so I hope they are tasty!
DH Letter:

This was also on my check list of week 37.  I wanted to write a very personal letter for my DH once I hit the full term.  I usually write letters /cards when I want to be reallly personal with someone.  Basically, I wanted to share my feeling with him and thank him for every support he's provided through this journey.  He was my rock during this ups and downs past years and I am so lucky to have someone like this in my life.  I couldn't stop crying while writing this letter, but I did complete it!  It's safely sealed and packed in the hospital bag for now.  It's surreal, but he will be reading this letter when we are at the hospital before the baby's arrival.

Very special letter for my soul mate
Other things....

I am physically and mentally still doing ok, but I am definitely walking like a prego!  I feel like my tail bone will break at some point.  My hands are quite swollen and are bit painful to bend fingers, but my feet seem ok.  I had my last chiropractor session and my sciatic pain is better.  I am still trying to walk on the tredmill for 30 minutes, but it's getting a bit more uncomfortable now.  I am still going to a prenatal yoga once a week and I am finally the oldest in terms of pregnancy week among the class, so I get to pick how many squat flows we do!   

I feel good about what has been accomplished so far, but there are still small things to do here and there.  Oh, I need to look into the 529 college saving plan!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 36 & 4 Days: Baby Shower, Nursery & 36 OB Appointment

I feel like there was a lot of accomplishments in the week 36! 


We put a lot of fun thoughts on our nursery and LOVE how it turned out!  I am glad that we had a theme "Teddy bears in the woods" because it made it easier to pick wall paint colors and decorations.  We originally thought about painting a bear on the wall by ourselves, but I am glad we didn't and ordered a wall decal instead.  The steps were simple, but it took us a bit to put it up becuase the stickers weren't sticking to where there were supposed to.  This is the site I ordered the bear decal.

I think we kept the nursery room pretty gender neutral.  We definitely want to have another baby, so I didn't want to make it too girly.  It's really nice to finally see where I will be spending my time with my girl :) 

Now, I need my mom to bring my teddy bear collection and buy some more stuff like crib & changing mats and sheets.  My BFF let me borrow a bassinet, so we will have the baby in our bed room for a couple of months.  Technically, she will not be here sleeping right the way, but this is where I will be BFing her and completing a nursery is one of the fun projects during the pregnancy!

Baby Shower:

My in-laws and friends wanted to throw me one, so I decided to have a back-to-back showers over the weekend.  Both showers were amazing and I could tell they put so much thoughts into planning showers, so I was so thankful and loved everything they did for me and our baby girl!!!  I am glad that I didn't combine family & friends because I got to talk to everyone at my showers.  We did get a lot of nice gifts...tons of baby clothes!!!!  My BFF told me not to put outfit on the registry and she was right.  People love to get you cute baby clothes.  Miss H already has 10 newborn sleepers & 12+ onesies!!!!  I know a baby grows so fast, so she has to have a fashion show every day so that she can wear all the clothes she's got.     

My mother & sister in law got us a very nice photo session as a gift.  They were so excited, but it actually created a problem :(  I found this photographer who does a series of session called "Belly to Baby" which includes newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months & 1 year for a great price.  We just did an optional maternity session and loved her work.  I felt really bad telling them that we already got the photo sessions taken care of....I hope we can get a refund and use the money towards bigger items on our registry. 

One of the baby shower games.  Hand made designer onsies by girls!!

Those are all for 0-3 months.  Time to wash and put away!
 36 Weeks OB Appointment

My OB wanted to do additional tests for this appointment.  After this, I will have an appointment every week, eeeeks!!

NST (Fetal Non Stress Test)  -  This test is usually conducted if your pregnancy is at high risk.  Due to my age, my OB wanted to conduct this test to make sure the baby is healthy.  A nurse hooked me up on a bigger doppler monitor to check the baby's HB.  It lasted for 20 minutes and they told me to push a button whenever I felt baby moving or contractions.  She gave me a cup of water to stimulate the baby and it worked.  The baby moved and HB went up when I drank water.  Basically, the nurse wanted to monitor the HB rate going up while the baby was moving.  My OB said the result was EXCELLENT and wants to do this every week from now on.  I had a wishful thinking that I might get to see her on U/S, but was such a soothing 20 minutes to listen to her HB though! 

Cervix Check - My OB did a cervical exam to check whether my cervix has begun to open (dilate) or soften (efface) in preparation for birth.  He said, it's soft, but not dialated.  He also said the baby dropped and he can feel her head!!  I was really happy to hear that because it means she is head down now. 

Group B Strep Test - My OB swabed me down there for this test.  This test is conducted for a bacteria, which can cause complications during pregnancy and serious illness in newborns.  He said 40% of his patients get it, so it's pretty common.   If the group B strep test is positive, I'll be given antibiotics during labor to prevent group B strep disease in my baby.

Maternity Photos

The photo CD finally came in!  I was very happy with the photos and decided to use some of the photos on  my baby shower thank you card.  Yes, that's right.  My next task is to send off thank you cards!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 35 & 3 Days: 35/35 Milestone

I actually didn't know what this milestone really is until recently.  The Bump has so many acronym / special glossary terms so I am learning as I go.  I knew 35/35 happens on the week 35, but I didn't know that it also means 35 days left until the due date!!!  35 days doesn't seem too far.  In fact, it's almost a month until the big day.  I have to say the mid part of the 3rd Trimester is going by fast.  After this milestone, the next big one is "full term"!!!!!  

I had a Monday off so I made some progress on my checklist. 

Hospital Bag     
This was a MUST item to do since I had the strange cramp last week.  I've browsed several websites to see what to pack, I think I will just stick to stuff which can fit in my small travel suitcase for now.  I did use the bump checklist.  (

- Comfortable pajama with easy nursing access and bath robe
- Nursing bra / tanktop and nursing pads
- Warm socks / slippers
- Travel size toiletries
- Comfortable change of cloths for when we go home
- Sugar free candy, snacks, chocolate, etc
- Relaxing music CDs 
- "Mom" pendant neckless DH got me for Xmas :)

I still need pack LO's clothes like onesie, mittens, hat,  socks, warm outfit, etc, but I will wait till I am done with my showers this weekend.  As for mittens, I learned that a newborn has very sharp nails, so mittens are must.  I actually bought Gerber long sleeve onesies with mittens.  I also packed a secret bag for my DH.  I put a special onesie "Daddy's princess", his favorite snacks, Red Bulls, Man's travel size toiletries, and a book called "The New Dad's Survival Guide".  I am also going to put a letter, but I am gonna wait to write one until I reach 37th week.  

Breast Pump       
I have BCBS as my insurance company.  I called in advance to make sure they cover a breast pump.  They told me that I first had to get a prescription written by my OB, so I did.  A lactation consultant from a birthing class highly recommended "Medela - Pump in Style Advanced", so I asked my OB to write that down.  Looks like everyone I've talked to said to use a high-end Medela pump.   

Then, I had to go to a medical equipment supplier on the BCBS list to get a pump.  I just picked Drug Mart closest to my home, so I went there last week.  I gave them my insurance info and they said, they need to confirm with my insurance about the coverage amount.  I got an call to pick it up and when I went there, they told me that my insurance will cover about half the cost.  The original price was $299.99 and the insurance paid $154.99, so my out of pocket was $145.  Since my IVF, I saved some money in the HSA account, so I just used the money from there. 

To be looks really intimidating.  I don't know how it works and I cannot practice yet.  I learned from a class that I should be breast feeding instead of bottle feeding in the first month so that a baby can get used to latch my nipples.  I will have to use a pump from the first month though since I am going back to work 6 weeks after.  I can freeze BM up to 3 months, so I need to stock up for my work and DH!!!
Would I look hideous wearing this?

Daycare / Pediatrician
We have chosen both places, but I wanted to officially register at both places.  I went to the daycare and filled out the application form and paid the registration fee to book a spot for May.  My baby girl will be still tiny in May, so it will be hard for me to let her go to a daycare, but I know we are making a right choice.   

I called a pediatrician office and they told me that they won't do pre-registration.  Basically, I just need to call them once I have a baby at the hospital.  Well, it's easy enough.

Nursery / Nesting 
Since we moved into a new house, we started a nursery project and so far, I LOVE our ideas!!!  Our goal is to complete by end of this week, before the shower, so we are making a good progress. 

I haven't started nesting yet, but I did buy a washing detergent.  I've read that Dreft is over kill for the price, so I was looking for some good alternatives.  I was at Target yesterday and was overwhelmed with so many choices!!!!  I ended up choosing "All Free & Clear" as a start.  If it doesn't work, I will do more research.  (

Starting to nest?
 Me Physically / Mentally
I have a constant low back pain I've been dealing several weeks and it seems getting worse.  I think it's natural as I/baby gains weight every week.  It's not a muscular pain...rather lower back bone ache.  I cannot lay my belly up anymore because the baby's weight pushes down my belly/back, so it's super uncomfortable.  I need to lay sideways all the time, but I feel like I am pushing my baby's head of legs (assuming she might be in a transverse position).       

I also noticed today that I cannot get my wedding band out from my finger!!!  I guess my fingers are starting to swell.  I've heard that your feet swell during the 3rd trimester, but I haven't noticed my feet yet.  I always take off my ring when I come home, so I am not sure if it's better not to wear my ring for a while...

Mentally, I feel I am ready to meet my LO and I wish it was already March.   

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 34 & Day 4: Save A Baby

Save A Baby

We attended the last baby class we have registered.  It's is called "Save A Baby".  Basically, we learned how to CPR infant/children and what to do in situations such as chocking or drowning.  We decided to take this class pretty close to my due date because we believed this is one of the most important classes and didn't want to forget.  Last CPR class I took was at my previous work several years ago and my DH had never taken one, so I was glad we signed up for this class. 

One thing it really made me think is that there is no relief in raising a child.  Until the middle of the 2nd trimester, I was so caught up with this anxiety that something might happen to my baby in the uterus.  As my mind started preparing for the post delivery phase, I learned about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other risks children can face throughout their lifetime.  Basically, a tragedy can happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do.  I heard that many parents are very worried about the first child, but their anxiety level tends to come down as they have more kids.  I know we cannot be worried about every little things for 24/7, but the CPR class made me think of my old neighbor's little girl.

There was a family with many kids across from our house in our old neighborhood.  I think some of them are from their previous marriage, so we couldn't tell who was whose, but there were always 4-5 kids in their driveway playing.  One morning, my DH was taking a shower and I was waking up but was still in the bed.  TV was on, so I could hear the news.  My mind wasn't fully awake yet but I jumped out my bed when I heard the news was talking about a death in my subdivision.  We couldn't get too much information where and what happened from the news, but we saw bunch of cars in front of the house across from us.  At work, I was checking online for more details and finally found out that one of our neighbor's little girl was drowned in a bathtub and passed away.  Looks like both the parents were at work when this happened.  A nanny was at home watching their little ones.  The nanny found the little girl unconscious in the bathroom and called 911.  She was taken to the nearest hospital, but it was too late..she didn't make it.  We were very sadden by this news and visited the family when we got home.  They had several relatives over at their house, but when I saw the parents, I couldn't stop crying and hugged the mom.  Nothing came out of my mouth other than "I am so sorry".  The mom said "I wish I didn't go into work that morning or could change something so that this didn't happen".  It's not her fault, but I couldn't imagine what kind of sorrow the family was going through.  The CPR class reminded me of this sad day, but I hope the family is staying strong and doing well.

OB Check @ Week 34                       

I had my OB appointment on Monday.  Everything was pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago and nothing new except I gained 3 pounds since!  My baby is doing well and I like that my OB seems me every 2 weeks.  It will be every week in a couple of weeks, wow!  She told me that they want to have NST (Non Stress Test) because I am over 35 and cervix check @ week 36.  She said she isn't worry about the baby's orientation until week 36.  Looks like the baby is still in the transverse or inclined position.  I cannot believe I will hit the full term after my next appointment!

Time for A Hospital Bag?

Luckily, I haven't had too much discomfort during sleeping yet.  However, I struggle with sleeping positions on Tuesday night and woke up little tired on Wednesday.  I usually feel the best when I wake up in the morning, but I felt different this morning.  I felt a cramp.  I stepped out of my bed and didn't feel good.  I felt a pressure around my cervix as I walked and was feeling a cramp.  I suddenly thought "Am I having a contraction???"  I think I have experienced several Braxton Hicks so far and I have read how a contraction feels like, but I wasn't sure.  The first thing it came to my mind was "Geees, I haven't packed my hospital bag!" 

I got dressed and went into work.  I felt better after sitting down on my chair and my cramp and the cervix pressure went away eventually, but this made me think that I should be a bit more prepared for a possible early labor.  Since my pregnancy has been progressing pretty normal, I assumed that I will make it until close to the due date, but how do I know that?!?  I want to pack my hospital bag this weekend and put a towel in my car in case my water breaks when I am not at home!  DH hardly ever travels but of course, he needs to travel twice for his work very close to the time when I am full term.  We should also discuss logistics who is gonna take care of our pets when we go to a hospital, etc. 

I just realized my next milestone 35/35 is around the corner, wow!